3D Laser Engraving

Soldagrav is a company specialised in laser etching on all types of metal, including iron, steel, copper, gold, silver, bronze, titanium, etc.

¿What's 3D Laser engraving?

The laser engraving is based on evaporation by μ (micrometers or microns) of material in the area of the room where you want to record by passing a laser beam in successive iterations, getting micro-engravings very high definition, because of its light beam 2 hundredths of a millimeter in diameter.



The depth that can be recorded vary: for the case of a marking will be about μ (microns) and for the case of a print will be on the order of tenths of a millimeter or even millimeters.
  • Microns

    For the marking depth

  • Millimeters

    For the depth of engraving


Engraving Types

Engraving can be effected both negative (the recording pattern remains inside) or positive (the pattern is embossed recording). Engraving rates can be:
  • 2D

    Engraving a 2D drawing with depth or height.

  • 3D

    Engraved 3D with different depths or heights.


Mechanical Parts

Make your recordings on your parts or molds


Personalize items that assessed